Misting Systems:

To further enhance your Outdoor Control needs we decided to install and service new and existing misting systems. These systems are amazing for Mosquitos, but also controls flies, fleas, ticks, and several other annoying insects. The team at The Dead Mosquito set these up to go off at dawn and dusk. Also, you have control to mist away at anytime with a remote and an App. We can also monitor your system with an App. Check valves, leaks, solution, etc.

You get a 100% lifetime guarantee on the system if we service regularly. If you like the system and the job we have done please refer us. If we install, for each new referral you'll get 50% off a service.

Unfortunately, we can't give you a cost for these on our website. The cost will vary. If you are interested please let us know and we can come to your property to see what system best accommodates your yard. We'll give you an estimate a day or two after. Always free for an estimate.