The best Mosquito is a ... Dead Mosquito. It's all in our name. The Dead Mosquito. We are an Oklahoma home grown company that is driven to provide you the best experience, customer service, and prices you'll receive in the pest control industry.

Now onto what we offer: Commercial and Residential Control.
If you're anything like my family, we spend a lot of time outdoors. If Mosquitos and other annoying insects drive you insane we have an Outdoor Control Program that is second to none and is a 3 week treatment starting at $45. This is our most popular solution. For a little more, we offer a natural solution.

At some point we come indoors. There is something unpleasing seeing an unwanted guest crawling across the floor. Our indoor Control Program is a quarterly treatment starting at $45.

We keep our prices low by being locally owned and operated and spending minimal on advertising. We rely on great customers to spread the word for us. You benefit by getting $10 credit for each new referral.

Please go to our contact page today with any questions and/or to get on our 2020 schedule. Our team here at The Dead Mosquito would love to service you.

Jason Rice

Kara Rice